International Sex Workers’ Rights Day

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This day was first celebrated in 2001 when over 25,000 sex workers gathered in India for a sex workers’ festival. Sex workers’ associations worldwide celebrate March 3rd as an international day for sex workers’ rights.
This year Red Edition will mark March 3rd, The International Sex Workers’ Rights Day with campaign called “Sex Work Rules’’ ( #SexWorkRules )
In most countries, even in Austria where sex work is legal, sex workers of all kinds feel that they are stigmatized and marginalized, and that this prevents them from seeking legal redress for discrimination (for e. g. racial discrimination, by a Studio owner, dismissal from a teaching position because of involvement in the sex industry), non-payment by a client, rape.
Sex Workers are stigmatized and marginalized on daily base, constantly faced with a million taboos about their own lives, freedom of choosing to be a sex worker, their needs and their problems.
The topic is constantly discussed in the media, yet there is a taboo surrounding the issues that many sex workers face when they want to speak openly, or even talk about sex, both from the general public and the institutions.
With #SexWorkRules campaign we want to show our attitude, our lifestyle and our own rules and conditions for being sex workers
Respect our right to choose sex work as work!

Red Edition
Migrants’ Sex Work Group,

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