Sex Workers Rights and Principles


We offer up these principles to our movement as a working template for a national platform.

  1. General statement – We advocate for people impacted by labor issues, social stigma, and criminalization, and we condemn any attempts at restricting our autonomy and self-determination.
  2. Recommendations for all people –
    1. Support us in our struggle for justice and human rights and against those who would deny us access to the same services or rights because of our work.
    2. Respect us as the experts in our lives without assuming we are flawed in some way.
    3. We do not want punitive intervention.
  3. Recommendations for sex workers –
    1. We insist on sex worker leadership at every level of decision making on policies around sex work.
    2. We reserve to ourselves the rights to maintain our own health.
    3. We demand the right to speak, access all public channels of communication, to choose those who speak for us, and to be recognized by the media, public officials and others as the authorities on our own experience.
  4. Rights of sex workers –
    1. To make our own sexual and relationship choices without others invalidating our consent.
    2. To access social, medical, and justice services without discrimination in any form including but not limited to gender, sexuality, race, citizenship status, or the way we choose to work.
    3. To have our choices and bodily autonomy respected, including the right to decline services.
    4. To be free to work in a manner of our own choosing without onerous regulation that is disrespectful of our agency and autonomy.

On June 22-23, 2018, Desiree Alliance invited approximately 2 dozen sex workers and legal allies from across the create a Sex Workers Rights and Principles document that sex workers and organizations can utilize in how we frame our narratives.

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